Somersworth 125th Anniversary | Custom Pewter Ornament

Somersworth 125th Logo Designed by Middle School Student

Incorporated as a city in the year of 1893, the City of Somersworth is marking its 125th year in style with a custom pewter ornament now available for sale. 
The City of Somersworth is thriving in its 125th year, and the slogan of "Proud Past, Bright Future" reflects the rich heritage of the past, and the great promise for the future ahead. Click here for more information on the history of Somersworth
The logo for the 125th Commission was developed in 2017 by eighth grade student Ryan Drouin during a school-wide contest. His design lead the way for the development of the logo, and features a circle with the words "125 years as a city" in the center, and surrounded by the city and state names. On the outer perimeter of the circle are buildings and landmarks that play an important role in the history of the Hilltop City. A celebration unveiling the logo was covered in August of 2017 by Foster's Daily Democrat, and the article features more in-depth detail on the design
Once the logo was released to the public, the 125th Commission began the process of working with local businesses such as Hampshire Pewter and Blue Dolphin Screen Printing and Embroidery to get the merchandise started. According to the 125th Commission's Facebook page, the t-shirts were released in December of 2017 and are  available for purchase.
Our custom ornament process starts with an idea, a logo, or a picture.  With the newly-released logo in hand our artists began to get to work creating a 3D model that would become our mold for hand-casting the pewter ornament. Once the ornament design was completed and the mold was made, we began to cast the ornaments in our lead-free pewter.  Each ornament is then antiqued, buffed and finished by hand, and packaged in a poly-zip bag complete with a "Topper Blue" ribbon.
To the organizers and board members of the Somersworth 125th Commission, we thank you for choosing Hampshire Pewter to be part of this important commemorative celebration.  We are honored to be located in the Hilltop City and to celebrate this important milestone with our wonderful community.  The Somersworth 125th Anniversary ornament is one of the recent additions to our custom commissioned ornaments.  For more information on our custom ornaments, please click here.
To purchase the 125th pewter ornaments and other commemorative items: