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Ice Skates Charm

Ice Skates Charm

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Traditional Ice Skates Charm

Ice skating was invented many years ago in Europe as a way to cross frozen lakes. Now we ice skate for pleasure or sport. Ice skating on a crisp winter day is a favorite winter past time for many people, young and old. Hopefully this highly-detailed ice skate charm can evoke memories of winters with your loved ones nearby. The practice of wearing charmed jewelry on bracelets began with Queen Victoria, the "Queen of Charm." Her bracelets had lockets, photographs, and even gems on them. Her influence as the Queen started the modern era of charmed jewelry. Today, these charms are no longer reserved for royalty, but can serve as reminders of the special times in our lives.

Ice Skate Charm details

  • 5/8" tall X 5/8" wide
  • Can be used on:
    • Charm bracelets
    • Zipper pulls
    • Necklaces
    • Earrings
    • Crafts or hobbies
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