Town Hall Ornament | Loudon, NH

Loudon, NH: Celebrating 250 Years of History and Progress

Incorporated on January 23, 1773, Loudon was named after the 4th Earl of Loudoun. The town's early settlers were farmers and craftsmen who established a foundation based on hard work and resilience. Loudon evolved into a close-knit community focused on agriculture. Dairy farming, apple orchards, and maple syrup production thrived due to fertile lands and a favorable climate. The arrival of the railroad in the mid-19th century transformed Loudon, fostering economic growth and attracting new residents. Industries like lumber mills and granite quarries flourished.

Today, Loudon blends its rural heritage with modern amenities. It is renowned for its proximity to New Hampshire International Speedway, attracting racing enthusiasts. The town offers excellent schools, recreational opportunities, and a strong sense of community. Visit

Loudon's 250th anniversary is an occasion to reflect on its history, appreciate its progress, and honor its residents. Parades, concerts, historical exhibitions, and community gatherings are planned to mark this important milestone.

As Loudon, New Hampshire, celebrates 250 years, it stands as a testament to the resilience and spirit of its residents. From its agricultural beginnings to its present-day blend of charm and modernity, Loudon exemplifies a community that embraces its past while looking forward to a bright future.