Praying Hands - J. Niki

J. Niki – Custom Ornament 

How the penname J. Niki came to be is an interesting story. In 1971, at twenty years of age, Janice worked part-time in the Men and Boys Department of K-mart, while attending college. She wrote lyrical verses on the small tablets K-mart provided for price checks and would leave them in her smock pocket. The next day the verse would be gone. Her aunt encouraged her, for fear of her getting in trouble at work, to sign a name other than her own. This is how Janice decided to use her first initial and the name of a Haley Mills character from the movie “Moon-Spinners.” The verses continued to go missing from the smock pockets, and this is when Janice realized she had her very first fan.

J. Niki continued to write as a hobby, while working in Medical Technology for the Department of Defense. She would be asked to write poems for retiring military officials and also ended her lectures with lyrics as a personal trademark.

“Reaching Out in Troubled Times” is the first volume of inspirational verse J. Niki published. She wrote it for family and associates faced with life’s inevitable challenges.  She added her own photographs of flowers she had taken while traveling between D.C. and southern Virginia. She also added Scripture from the Holy Bible which she uses as her source of morality, direction, and strength.

This ornament is a great example of the collaboration between an individual with an image in mind, and our artists getting that idea translated onto paper and finally to a 3-D mold.