Magnolia Ornament - J. Niki

Symbolism of the Magnolia

Magnolias are symbolic of many qualities making them a diverse flower. One of the most common meanings behind magnolias is endurance and perseverance. This is because of how tough the flowers are and the astonishing longevity of the species, as they have been around for millennia. Another common significance behind the magnolia, is eternity and everlasting life. This too has to do with the long life of the plant.

White magnolias often represent purity and perfection. Pink magnolias mostly symbolize joy, innocence, and femininity. The purple varieties are associated closely with ceremonies and religious rites, while the green magnolias symbolize good fortune.

As you see, there is a lot of profound meaning behind the magnolia flower, making it a great symbol to be used in J. Niki’s logo.