Some people are born to entertain.  They have those huge personalities that draw others to them and know exactly how to make each guest feel equally important and special.  For those people who would like to be experts at entertaining but don’t have the natural born skill, small gatherings are the perfect way to practice to work towards a big to-do.

Hosting a wine and cheese party is a great way to test the hosting waters.   You can make it a game night or a book club meeting or just a small group of friends catching up. 

Today's popular trend is charcuterie boards. You can make one to entertain or better yet have a party where each guest makes there own board. 

You will need meats, cheeses, nuts, fruits, breads, crackers, jams, and spreads. You can make the board as big or small as you like.  Include varities of these items to pair together. Add some delicious wnes to pair with your board and a group of family and friends and you will have a great start to entertaining. 

Now the thing to remember is paper plates are not ideal for serving cheese nor are they conducive to the atmosphere you want to create.  A quality cheese board is a great investment, along with some spreaders and maybe even cheese mice.  The small touches make a huge difference.  Lovely wine glasses with wine charms will add a touch of class to your presentation.  Tasty cheese, fine wines sweet and tart fruit and a beautiful presentation can be the start to a wonderful time fun, laughter and conversation.

Many of our ideas came from this website:,own%20charcuterie%20board%20at%20home!

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