The season for great smelling candles is here.  Everyone wants their homes to smell of cinnamon, spices and an array of baked goods, even if their idea of baking is picking up a dozen cookies from the grocery store.

Some people invest hundreds of dollars in candles.  Certain scents can be reminiscent of a grandma’s kitchen after she made a scrumptious apple pie, a mother’s chocolate chip cookies that welcomed you after a hard day of middle school, or of a favorite restaurant visited after church, and those memories are priceless.

Candle snuffers are a candle’s partner.  To ensure even burning, you always use a candle snuffer to extinguish the candle.  Do not touch the wick or follower with the snuffer.   Simply cover the flame with the snuffer until it goes out.  Do not extinguish a candle burning for less than two minutes, as the wick may burn down and become difficult to relight.  Wait a few minutes for liquid wax to harden before moving candle.

If you are planning on giving candles as holiday gifts, consider pairing them with a candle snuffer.  Hampshire Pewter has a wonderful collection of handcrafted candle snuffers that will complete your gift and give it style.