First Presbyterian Church - Salem, New Jersey
First Presbyterian Church | Salem, NJ

The First Presbyterian Church of Salem, NJ was founded in 1821, after a decade of worshipping alongside Episcopalians. After a dispute regarding the Article of Predestination, the Presbyterians decided to build their own church building. The construction of the church began March 6, 1821. The cost of the building was roughly $2400. This original church was built on Grant Street. 

As the church body grew, the building grew in turn. An addition was made in 1835 for $3000. Yet still, the church was grown out of shortly and in 1854, they broke ground at a new location on Market Street. This church would take 3 years to complete. The bell from the Grant St. Church was transported to the new church and used until 1857 (at which time it was donated to the Fenwick Fire Company). 

Over the years many donations were made to the church including a beautiful stained glass window in 1902 in honor of a couples daughter as well as the current baptismal donated in 1909. The church still stands at its Market Street location. To find out more about the church history or worship service times visit their website.