Dover 400th Keychain
400th Anniversary Custom Keychain

Dover, New Hampshire will be celebrating it's quadricentennial in 2023. We have been working with Dover's 400th Anniversary Committee in creating an annual ornament each year leading to the occasion. We have completed two thus far: the Damm-Garrison House and Garrison Hill Tower ornaments. The 400th Committee has added a keychain to the project.

The design for the keychain is rather simple, but with a creative and personal touch. It reads Dover, New Hampshire at the top of the piece and the years 1623-2023 nested at the bottom. Between the two reads a large '400' artistically designed using a course outline reminiscent of New Hampshire's rough-hewn history. Three significant symbols of Dover's rich history are entwined in the numbers: a conifer tree sits in the hole of the '4,' a salmon as the center of the first zero and a spool of yarn as the center of the second. 

The tree depicted is representative of New Hampshire's logging industry. The salmon is for the Salmon Falls River that flows into the Cocheco River where they both meet the Piscataqua. The spool of yarn represents the mill industry in Dover.