Whether you are expecting guests for a long-planned dinner or even for an impromptu dinner over the weekend, an important component that is sure to impress guests and family members is a well-planned dining table. Sure, the menu for the affair will serve as the anchor for the success of the event, but the design and details you throw into the table are equally important. What you put on the dining table can make or break the dining experience, so it’s critical that you also include the dining table decorations when planning a dinner for a group of friends or family members. And a welcoming table that’s pretty and lively need not be expensive. There are some creative ways on how you can re-create the dining table to make it a ‘star’ for a day, and it isn't just about the expensive china and premium table linens.

Blend practicality with beauty- Dinner hosts tend to go overboard when it comes to table designs and decorative accents. It is a common practice for decorators to throw in grand accents on the table, including the use of grand floral arrangements as a centerpiece and over sized pillar candles. These may be grand, but cannot help create a memorable dining experience. Floral arrangements and pillar candles should be set not too high or that will prevent guests from seeing each other. Select a low centerpiece that adds a touch of style and drama and leaves enough room for the fine china, food and other accents like wine holder and salt and pepper shakers. Stay away from candles and flowers with a strong scent.

Mix china patterns, glassware and silverware- Having an incomplete set of fine china should not be a reason not to host a dinner party. The idea here is to tap into your creative side by learning how to mix and match the available silverware and fine china. Let your creativity shine when picking and mixing fine china and silverware.

Aside from plates and spoons, it’s also best to incorporate other dining table accents that can help improve the dining experience. When serving wines, you can use wine caddies or holders. For fresh fruit, you can present these using large footed bowls. And if you want your guests to take control of the culinary experience, simply add salt and pepper shakers and cheeseboards and spreaders.  Wine caddies, salt and pepper shakers and large footed bowls made from pewter add personality to the table and can complement your fine china and silverware. Pewter can be customized, owing to its special properties.

The details that you put into the table and of course the quality of food will define your dinner party. Throw into the mix your friendly guests, an accommodating host and fun conversations, and you now have the perfect recipe for a memorable dinner party!