Do you need custom engraving? Special engraving orders don't upset us!

Take this recent wedding gift engraving job for example...

We had a client who was refinishing an antique trunk as a wedding gift. As a symbol of the marital bond, she wanted to apply a personalized engraved message on an antique lock.

She brought us an old lock with an aged patina and requested the couple's last names be engraved with the date of their "incorporation." The bride took the groom's last name of Berry, and the client chose a fancy script to give the name the look of a newly created entity, "Berry & Berry." To commemorate the wedding year and play up her theme, she asked us to add "Incorporated 2015"

The result was fantastic when the old copper shined through the years of age on the face of the lock. She thought this was the perfect symbol for a marriage meant to shine through the tests of time!

Frequently Asked Engraving Questions

Q. How long does custom engraving take? 

A. We can complete many projects onsite here at our Somersworth, NH gift store in minutes! More detailed projects requiring special image set-up can usually be completed in a few days. For the best estimate on engraving lead time, we always recommend that you contact us directly to discuss your project.

Q. What type of metal can be engraved?

A. We can engrave on any type of metal: pewter, silver, silver-plate, brass, gold, aluminum, copper etc.

Q. What fonts are available to choose from?

A. We have a diverse selection of engraving fonts to choose from and we can help you mix sizes and match complementary styles to best suit your message.

Q. Can you engrave a logo or image?

A. Yes! Our digital engraving software accommodates logos and hand drawn images. 

Q. Can I have an item I purchased elsewhere engraved by Hampshire Pewter?

A. Of course! We welcome your engraving business!

Q. Which Hampshire Pewter gifts and products are available for engraving?

A. Hampshire Pewter products that can be engraved are shown on our website with engraving options and pricing.

Q. How much does engraving cost?

A. Standard engraving is usually $6 for the first line and $2 for additional lines, but pricing is often defined by the space available on the piece. Logos and drawings are custom engravings that are quoted upon initial project consultation. 

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your metal engraving needs or a custom engraving project by calling 603.569.6944 or via email at [email protected].