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Front of Ornament
Front of Ornament

Charity Ornament

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Charity Ornament
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Peace, Love & Goodwill Ornament

In the year 1991, the United States and its allies went to war to protect and free Kuwait from the aggression of Iraq. Charity is the theme of this year's Pageant of Peace, and Hampshire Pewter has created these bells, tied together with a yellow ribbon emblazoned with the flags of the countries who were united in their effort to free Kuwait. What more could these countries give than the ultimate charity of offering their sons and daughters to defend peace on the field of battle. Hampshire Pewter is proud to offer this ornament as a tribute to our courageous soldiers and their families who showed the world how to share peace, love, goodwill, and CHARITY.

A Yellow Ribbon

The yellow ribbon has become a symbol of cries to bring home our loved ones safely. Our ribbon also has flags showing that this needs to be a world wide symbol and effort. Thank you to those who have returned safely, and those who have not, and those still gone.

Additional details and specifications:

  • 2 1/3" wide x 2 3/4" high
  • Detailed on both sides
  • Includes a ribbon to hang the ornament

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