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Beautiful, durable, and timeless pewter candlesticks and candle snuffers

Pewter Candlesticks & Window Lights - Elegant, Timeless, and Personalized Gifts

Our collection includes a complete selection of candlestick and window light patterns to suit the mood and design you want to create in every room in your home. Our elegant designs offer candlesticks for celebrating all occasions: the beautiful Window Lights (HA18) with the glass chimney, the Whittemore Chamberstick (HA25) with its wide base and handle, or perhaps the elegant and stately pair of tall Wentworth candlesticks (HT21). We cast each candlestick one at a time using our bronze molds. The handcast method allows for a heavier, stronger pewter candleholder. After we cast them, we remove the "grey skin" and then apply our satin finish by hand. Finally, the pewtersmith inspects and carefully wraps them in protective foam.

Handsome Candlestick Heirlooms

Each of these handsome candlesticks have been skillfully crafted in our strong Queen's Metal lead-free pewter alloy. They will pass the test of time and become generation heirlooms. These beautifully crafted candlesticks and candle snuffers make great gifts for all occasions: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, corporate gifts, retirement gifts, and more.

Candle Snuffers designed to match & suit your home decor

Candle snuffers are the safest, cleanest way to extinguish a candle flame. Match them to your candlesticks to create the perfect gift. Our designs will suit pretty much any home decor! We are pleased to carry beautiful and whimsical designs from Lindsay Claire designs! Pineapples, lighthouses, snowmen, and many more designs!

Engrave them to add the personal touch you desire

Both the candlesticks and candle snuffers are designed to be enhanced with your engraved, personal message.
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Kingswood Candlestick (pair)
Item: HA17
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Hampshire Candlesticks (Pair)
Item: HR03
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Wentworth Candlesticks (pair)
Item: HT21
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Window Lights (Pair)
Item: HA18
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Whittemore Chamberstick
Item: HA25
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Colonial Snuffer
Item: HR15
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Traditional Snuffer
Item: HR26
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