2019 Custom Ornament | Camp Calumet

Calumet Lutheran Ministries Camp & Conference Center

In the summer of 1960, New England Lutheran Camp Inc., under the authority of the New England Conference of the Augustana Synod, began an outdoor ministry program centered on a philosophy of Christian education.

The camp’s mission statement is as follows:

Together we say YES to God’s abundant life:

growing in faith

inspiring service

caring for each other and all creation


What began as a summer camp for kids in 1960, has now grown to be a year-round vacation and retreat spot for families and adults as well. Its facilities are used all year for various programs ranging from LutherHostels, Mom’s Mother’s Day weekend, Sunday School retreats, Family vacation weeks and more. In 1965, Calumet purchased a plot of land across the street from the camp which now serves as the family campground, increasing their outreach beyond just children. The camp continued to grow and develop through the 70's and 80's and in 1985 the conference center was built.

Another key development at Calumet was the creation of the special needs outreach of the camp. Every third and fourth week of every summer are designated as special needs weeks. This allows children with disabilities to join in with other campers and participate in nearly all the activities of their peers.

In 2004, Calumet’s summer program also added Vacation Bible school to its schedule. One or two VBS programs are run each week at various churches throughout New England. Counselors from Calumet go to the churches and provide the curriculum-based projects with the help of volunteers from the church.

Camp Calumet continues to build and expand, serving more people each year with constantly-evolving programs in the name of Christ. The Camp has in fact changed its name to Calumet Lutheran Minstries to better encompass the variety of programs. To learn more about the programs Calumet has to offer or to enroll your child in camp please visit: https://www.calumet.org/


Down beside the moonlit waters of Lake Ossipee

Lies our beautiful Camp Calumet, dear to you and me.

Swell the chorus, speed it onward, 'till the echoes ring.

Let our Camp go down in history, Calumet we sing!

(author anonymous)