The History of the Candle Snuffer

Did you know that the bell-shaped cone at the end of a long handle that you use to put out your candles isn’t really a snuffer? Colloquially, we refer to anything that puts out candles now as a snuffer, but in fact the tool we know as a snuffer is actually an “extinguisher” or candle “douter.”
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What Does Columbus Mean to the New World?

“In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” The reason the holiday is called Columbus Day is because he was the captain on one of the ships – the Santa Maria – and technically the first person to set foot on the New World and claimed it for the global superpower then, the Spain.
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The Historical Uses of Pewter

Pewter was first used around the beginning of the Bronze Age in the Near East. The earliest piece of pewter found is from an Egyptian tomb from 1450 BC. Pewter was used in the ancient world by the Egyptians and later the Romans, and came into extensive use in Europe from the Middle Ages until the various developments in pottery and glass-making during the 18th and 19th centuries.
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