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Pewter: The Most Beautiful, Simplest Metal For You, Your Home

Posted by Hampshire Pewter on 8/22/2014
Pewter is a remarkable metal. Having been sought after by humankind at least since a century or three before the sandals of Jesus himself were slapping the dusty paths of the Holy Land, pewter was at one time a financially valuable metal. Now, although pewter is no longer as costly as it once was, it is still loved around the globe for the same reasons it has always been: it is soft, malleable and perfect for carving, hammering, tapping, and shaping.

Dining Table Decor 101- Details Matter When Hosting Memorable Dinner Parties

Posted by Hampshire Pewter on 8/14/2014
Whether you are expecting guests for a long-planned dinner or even for an impromptu dinner over the weekend, an important component that is sure to impress guests and family members is a well-planned dining table.

A Little Bit About Pewter

Posted by David on 7/16/2014
Some of us might remember the late-night commercials for a Civil War chess set where all the pieces were made from pewter. The commercials were very well done professionally and gave the impression that pewter was truly a special material.

Oil Lamps, History, and You

Posted by Hampshirepewter on 7/8/2014 to Corporate Gifts
Oil lamps have evolved right alongside mankind as the both of us have explored the world, built empires, watched them crumble, and seeked out new lands.

An Elegant Gift

Posted by Hampshirepewter on 7/3/2014
Pewter is one of the best materials to create some wonderful custom pieces that will remain with you or your family and friends forever.

New Website Launched

Posted by Harold Guptill on 6/12/2014
Hampshire Pewter launches new website.
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