Barrington, New Hampshire - 2nd in Series

Barrington, NH – Barrington School

This is the second in a series of three ornaments Hampshire Pewter is producing for the town of Barrington, NH. They decided to feature Barrington School which was completed in 1938 on Route 9 at Province Lane. The first day of school in the new building was September 19th. In the mid 1950's, a single story addition was added that doubled the square footage of the building.  Finally, in the early 1960's, a second level was added. The building served as town hall for a number of years as well.

Barrington is located in Strafford County in the southeastern part of New Hampshire. It is adjacent to Dover, Rochester, Madbury, Lee, Durham, Nottingham, Northwood and Strafford. It was incorporated in 1722 and named for Samuel Shute of Barrington Hall, colonial governor of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The town was slow to settle initially, but by 1810 had 3500 residents.

While Barrington covers 48.5 square miles, its’ population is still under 10,000 people giving it a true New England small-town feel.  Barrington is drained by the Isinglass and Bellamy Rivers. Swains Lake and Mendum’s Pond are in the south. The highest point in town is an unnamed summit near its western border, measuring 610 feet above sea level. The highest named summit is Bumfagging Hill, at 601 ft. The town is located entirely in the Piscataqua River watershed.

The Barrington Tricentennial Committee are selling the ornaments at Calef's Country Store, George Calef Fine Foods, The Christmas Dove, Knight's Garage and the Barrington Fire Department. Be on the lookout for Barrington’s next custom ornament and if you’d like to learn more about the custom process and see more of our work visit