Alton Bay, NH - Water Bandstand Ornament

Alton Bay Water Bandstand


Alton commissioned Hampshire Pewter to create a custom ornament featuring the water bandstand, one of the few remaining bandstands on inland waters in the entire country. In 1928, Alton Racing Association, a group of boating enthusiasts, had the idea to create a bandstand in the middle of the water that would serve as a judging stand for boat races and host band concerts. It was built by six men including brothers Lester and Edward Downing. The total cost of the bandstand was $1,573. The bandstand’s foundation was created by building a crib filled with rocks, during the winter months, when the ice was frozen. The bandstand was then built when the ice melted.  

Over the years the bandstand was the site of many concerts, but they mostly stopped due to the trouble of transporting entire bands across the lake, as well as poor acoustics. It hasn’t been used by race boat observers since the 1950s. From its water location in Alton Bay, the bandstand is a beloved symbol of the town and summer residents. It is illuminated at night and a Christmas tree is put up during the holidays. Over the years the bandstand had seen some wear and tear, so it was renovated in 2019 and the result is beautiful. The town had a celebratory day for the renovation including an antique boat show, a waterski show, a concert and other events.

The ornament features the bandstand along with an American flag and a windsock. It reads 1928 Water Bandstand across the top rim and Alton Bay, NH across the bottom. If your town or organization is interested in a custom ornament, keychain, figurine, or other pewter product, please give us a call at 866.282.7384.