Manchester NH City Hall Ornament| Custom Pewter Ornament
2019 Historical Association Ornament - 
City Hall
     Manchester is located on the banks of the Merrimack River in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire.  The area was first settled by colonists in 1722 and was called "Old Harry's Town."  In 1751, it was renamed Derryfield.  That name carries on in Derryfield School and Derryfield Park.  In 1807 a canal and lock system were built around the Amoskeag Falls, allowing trade from Boston and Concord.  This opened the area up to industrialization and brought in many more people.  The town was given the name of Manchester in 1810 and was incorporated as a city in 1846.  Manchester gained the nickname "The Queen City" because it is the largest city not only in NH but in Northern New England as well. For more information on Manchester please visit

This pewter ornament was a collaboration between the Manchester Historic Association and Hampshire Pewter. The Manchester Historic Association was founded in 1896, it is a 501(c) nonprofit organization.  Their mission is to collect preserve and share Manchester's History.  They offer many programs and operate two public locations. Visit them at  The ornament depicts Manchester's City Hall Building.  The building is located in the heart of downtown at 908 Elm Street.  It was built in 1844-45 from a design by New Hampshire born architect, Edward Shaw.  The three-story building is built of brick and granite and is a prime example of the Gothic Revival style of architecture.  The City Hall was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

The detailing on the ornament can only be achieved through a process of antiquing and blackening to emphasize the depth and dimensions in the original design.  Once an ornament is blackened and antiqued, it goes through a process of buffing that allows the shine of the pewter to show through, and accentuate the detailing in the designs.  Each ornament is buffed by hand and inspected before it gets dusted, ribboned, and packaged. For more information on Hampshire Pewter and our custom pewter process, please visit

Hampshire Pewter is honored to participate in the creation of this ornament for the Manchester Historical Association.  For purchase information contact them at