So your preferred home styling and decor is rustic. If this is your dream for your home and a guide in the next home improvement project, then consider that job ‘almost done’. There are retailers and online resources that can help you take advantage of rustic home decor and styling, and bring this ‘old world touch’ into your home. And if you are still rethinking your options, then let the following rustic recommendations guide you in the discovery and use of rustic home design and decor.

‘Old is new’ home decor and styling

Thanks to the unpretentious roots of the rustic home styling, you can integrate a variety of elements into home design.  This home styling theme affords homeowners with greater flexibility when it comes to the selection of home accents and decors provided these are in line with traditional organic shapes and textures and these items bring natural warmth. In short, rustic style for your home is bringing the natural warmth from out in the woods into urban communities. There are different rustic home decors that can be added into your home, and often the choice will still depend on personal preferences and style requirements.

Pewter oil lamps and repurposed objects define a rustic interior

Adding oil lamps into your home will add to the understated glamour of rustic home design. Not all lighting and lamps solutions can work in a rustic environment, but oil lamps perfectly fit the bill. Oil lamp, being one of the oldest-known types of lamp used, can easily blend with other re-purposed home accents and decorations. The idea behind rustic style is to invest in repurposed objects and stay away from modern amenities of life.  This is the perfect theme to use when you want to include old pails, cabinets and lamps into the home design. Wooden crates and fixtures are re-imagined as furnishings with a different purpose. Reclaimed wood is often a must selection since shiny patina is out, and distressed look is in.

The same is true with oil lamps- oil lamps can be used as an alternative source of lighting in many rooms. Oil lamps, especially those made from pewter can be displayed in the table or the mantle, or can be added on walls. The use of pewter material adds a layer of elegance and old world charm inside your home.  Other pewter-based accents that can fit into a rustic environment include pewter vases and mirrors.

Rustic styling and interior work because it offers a link to the past which warms the hearts, and can double as conversation pieces too! This theme also celebrates repurposing and the value of simplicity, a refreshing alternative to prevailing styles that are ultra modern and impersonal, thus creating a warm and friendly environment.