Mothers and fathers know that each milestone a child crosses is one to be remembered and treasured.  Baby books and calendars are good ways to track those milestones, but once your child reaches a certain age those trackers become outdated and you need to find other ways to mark their milestones.  For boys, trophies and photographs may be ways to replace those baby books.  For girls, a lovely charm bracelet is a wonderful way to mark each milestone.

If you have ever thought of giving your daughter, granddaughter or niece a charm bracelet but have hesitated due to the delicacy and expense, a charm bracelet from Hampshire Pewter is your solution.

Whether your daughter is a ballerina or soccer star, a guitarist or flutist, if she collects unicorns or sea shells, there is a charm for almost everything and occasion.  From the first time she rides her bike, her first day of school or her high school graduation, these timeless charms are the perfect way to track her accomplishments in a unique and fashionable way.